Winter Wonderland

As you might expect, this is one of my favorite times of the year, second only to Halloween. I’m the kind of person who loves to celebrate the holiday season boldly and proudly. This year I dressed up as the literal Holiday Spirit! I wanted to drift away from the conventional red, green, or black pieces. Instead, I drew inspiration from a winter wonderland concept, brought to life by the gorgeous Chi Chi London Emmie dress, purchased through Unique Vintage. (Please keep in mind that Chi Chi is a British company, and UK sizes are 4 sizes larger than American ones.) I bought a UK 10 (equivalent to a US 6, whereas I’m a 2 to 4) expecting the dress to be a bit large, but it ended up fitting just right. Keep that in mind if you decide to buy it.
As always, I am partial to headwear. I am especially in love with berets. They add a whimsical fairy tale chic to any look. This particular lovely, fuzzy, off-white piece was gifted to me years ago. The Cinderella-inspired shoes are from Ellie, the floater cardigan is unbranded and from eBay, and the Pegasus bracelet is from Ever Faith Jewelry. My necklace was bought from a thrift store in Burbank.

My favorite part of the look is the wig! My fantastic stylist Grace, who works at Frenchy’s in Burbank, did a beautiful job. I go to her for my pixie cuts as well as any hair styling needs I might have! I always find it worth developing a personal rapport with artisans, such as hair stylists or tailors. You can come to them time and time again, building a relationship which leads to comfort with your hair and clothing, and sometimes discounts!

All my best!
Dina xx

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