Santa Monica Sweetheart

When the weather was a bit warmer, Flamingo-Swan adventured to the Santa Monica Pier! This look highlights another example of splurging on wardrobe staples that will continue to serve you, time and time again.

I ordered my swimsuit, a dainty Esther Williams piece, from popular retro boutique Unique Vintage. A little under 100 bucks, it’s a total investment. The craftsmanship ensures that the piece will hold well for many trips to the beach, the print and design are impeccably on period, and, lastly, it’s just so darn cute!! My cloche hat is from ModCloth and my Ray-Ban-style sunnies are from Cherry Pick Vintage. If you’re willing to spend a little time, you can always find items you love on sale both in-store and online.

First off, the color red is sexy on almost any woman, regardless of complexion. This pinup halter swimsuit shape is iconic: Marilyn herself is well-known for showing off her famous curves back in the 50’s. And as usual, I love pairing sweet with sexy. I’m in love with this look because the colors match perfectly, but the prints are comic and contrasting. The geometric shapes in the polka dot print, the stripes, and the sunglasses play off each other just enough to be silly!  Let’s disarm with charm! 💗

Dina xx

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