Holiday Cheer

I think we’re all desperately in need of a little laughter this holiday season. 2016 and 2017 have been the worst and yet, the most revolutionary years of my life. I have allowed my personal tragedies and triumphs to influence my fashion; my process is experimental, and my completed looks correspond to a visual diary. For me, developing a personal style is like any other artistic work: it does not exist in a vacuum. The stylistic choices an artist exhibits which aren’t trendy are a commentary on his or her environment.As 2017 winds to a close, across the globe we have witnessed devastation as the human spirit has been tested again and again. After all this, you’d think we need to take a break, right? America’s social and economic system turns us into automatons, instead of respecting our individual needs and desires (those which may only be found by foregoing convention and searching within). Mass consumerism will not fill the hole caused by a variety of stressors, yet it trumps our emotional needs.

My childlike spirit revels in play! I’m obviously joking when I create looks like this one. It isn’t conventionally sexy or feminine, but it’s so freeing to break the rules! Think about it: I get to share smiles with others! Isn’t that what the holiday spirit is about, appreciating what money can’t buy? Christmas and the holidays are a time to revel in both lightheartedness and sanctity. For me, this means becoming the protagonist of the goofiest Klimt painting. For you, it might mean something different.

I’m not saying it’s easy, I just want to spread holiday cheer. Self exploration: an ugly sweater here, a funny hat here, a silly night out with your friends. This simple magic, it’s where your heart lies.

xx Dina

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