Follow Your Heart!

I believe everyone makes a statement with what they are wearing, whether or not they’re being intentional about it. And life is short, why not express yourself as openly as possible?

Kiki’s Delivery Service has been my favorite movie since I was 11 years old! (I remember literally crying because I couldn’t be Kiki! She is that magical.  )

Hot Topic is one of my favorite stores for pop culture-themed clothing. The entire Studio Ghibli Her Universe collection, from which I got this Kiki tank, is fabulous. The silhouettes are well-designed, and the Ghibli-themed prints are more than just a stamped-on afterthought! Even though I normally wear retro-style tops (think Peter Pan collars and polka dots), I made an exception to show some Kiki love! I kept a vintage feel with the structured, waist-defining skirt (found at Goodwill) and cute sandals (Chelsea Crew from Modcloth). The delicate jewelry pieces play up the sweetness of the outfit. They’re from various online stores, like Amazon and eBay.

It’s important for me to make breaks with my typical fashion structure to play with my look! Exploration is part of following your heart. Mixing and matching is such a fun way to explore new combinations that might send a great message you never expected!

Also, check out the fun pairing of the design on the shirt and my favorite cross-stitch purse! I’m obsessed with the purse (from Debois Textiles) because it’s so goofy: it features a Baroque-era gentleman proposing to his demure lady. It celebrates my love of love! 💖

‘Til next time!

Dina xx

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