Casual Charisma

It’s a toasty midsummer afternoon and you’ve got a barbecue to attend: you want to look (and feel!) super cute, but don’t want to compromise comfort for charm. I’ve been in this position more times than I can count, making pros-and-cons lists of the best shoes for grassy knolls and the best dresses for lounging.

Here are my top Flamingo-Swan tips for keeping it cool, casual, and sophisticated:

  1. Plan ahead.

Usually, you’ll find out the location of an event through Facebook or another app at least a week before. I always prepare by Googling the location, and immediately checking my closet for clothing and colors most suitable for the terrain. Picnic? You’re probably going to stay on grass, don’t want to risk something white getting stained. A fun barbecue followed by a frisbee game with the fam? Sneakers will be your best friend!

2. Comfort first.

I know it’s summer, so it’s tempting to gravitate towards the most flattering neckline or mini-skirt. But, as much as I love feminine dresses, if I’m going to be running around in the heat, I can’t afford to compromise movement. Cute shorts are always an option! And for this particular look, I chose a cotton dress (Lauren Ralph Lauren, a gift from a friend), knit for my skin to breathe.

3. Accessories dress you up!

My cotton dress is figure-hugging, so it flatters me, but it’s also super stretchy! The lacy neckline draws attention to the focal point, my face, while the stripes add a hint of fun. (Plus this was my Independence Day outfit, so I had to fit the theme. 😉) But it’s the shoes that are the real winners here! They’re my charming Taylor Swift red velvet Keds, complete with cute white rhinestones! I got them at a discounted price from eBay. Keds or Chuck Taylors are always divine, and the spicy red hue flatters every complexion!

Additionally, I add a delicate punch with my celestial stud earrings. They’re tiny enough that they’re comfortable for the outdoors, but add a dash of ethereality and sparkle.

4. If in doubt, do without.

I advise people not to wear anything that’s ill-fitted or has loose straps. The last thing you want is to have your mind off your friends and family, and on some element of your attire which leaves you self-conscious. The most attractive part of your wardrobe is your smile and I promise you that, even if you dress down, staying present will add charm and allure! And always remember: sunscreen is your most valuable beauty trick! Stay SPF-safe out there, lovelies. 😎

Have fun with your looks, and send some my way!

Dina xx

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