Pizza Pizzazz

Howdy doody, friend!🍕Recently, I celebrated the flamingo half of my birthday. A close friend bought me a pizza hat from my wish list, and I decided to wear it out on the town! Naturally, I went out to dinner for the scrumptious Italian dish as well. I’m near Studio City, so there’s lots of Hollywood-related artwork and memorabilia.

This is one of the few outfits where nearly everything is thrifted! The dress is from Jessica Howard Petite, which I also found at Goodwill. Nearly all my jewelry or accessories are found at various thrift stores or on eBay. My eccentric butterfly earrings were found at Wright Square Vintage & Retro Mall, a charming shop in Savannah, GA.Children of every age delighted in my spectacle! Three little girls begged their daddy for a shot with me, the Pizza Princess.

They weren’t the only ones intrigued by this look. “Excuse me, ma’am. I simply must ask, who are you wearing?” inquired the posh British businessman, intrigued by my couture style. “What is the magazine you are shooting for? I love this new look!” Definitely one of the highlights of the flamingo half of my birthday: being confused for a high fashion model in a pizza hat.

Yours truly,

Dina xx

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